Brazilian Cryptomeda Hathor is listed in one of the world’s largest exchanges

Check out the text prepared by the Brazilian currency community about the news coming soon.

The Brazilian blockchain Hathor (HTR) is growing rapidly and attracting international attention. Blockchain aims to simplify the launch of new tokens and still has an advanced technology that allows millions of transactions per second, all that a large market of tokens needs.

Some achievements have already been achieved, such as the entry of major miners, articles in international magazines and overcoming the attempt of several attacks in the first year of life and over 5000 members in the Telegram community. All this shows its robustness.

Until recently, purchases of HTR crypto were only possible through internal transactions via OTC, which hindered business expansion. Small exchanges such as ViTEX and qTrade had already listed the currency spontaneously, but still with low volume.


It was then that at the end of 2020 that the blockchain finally passed all the tests necessary to enter a large Tier 1 exchange. KuCoin is the eighth exchange in the world by volume and is in Singapore. See a screenshot of your desktop.

Release Award
As part of the launch campaign together with KuCoin decided to make an award to do more business with the HTR crypto on the exchange. The deadline is until the 12th so run and register there.

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